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About Us

FindHowTos is a free HowTo articles repository for the universe. We collaborate with educated and wise people from around the world and work together to make the whole world learn how to do things.

Our Mission:

In the ideation phase of FindHowTos, we found out that people often seek help from the internet to solve real-time problems. Every day lots of such queries are shot to the internet but surprisingly we could not find an adroit solution to any of these queries. Then we decided to educate people on Know-hows of various subjects by creating a website. In short, the mission that fuelled the emergence of FindHowTos was – “To make the largest HowTo articles repository to help people of the universe for how to do things”.

How serious are we about our mission?

We comply our every action with the mission of FindHowTos. In our journey to educate people on various real-life subjects, we work to reach more audience and provide them with easy access to our HowTo articles.

  1. FindHowTos is for everyone: We develop contents which are accessible by every section of the society. We also try to cover a vast range of topics concerning people from every walk of life. The articles address issues that help people irrespective of age. No matter if someone is looking for a solution to a specific problem or someone is trying to learn new things, we have it all in store.
  2. FindHowTos is informative and helpful: Our HowTo articles demonstrate the process of doing anything in a very detailed manner. The articles are rigorously revised to contain only the best and relevant information. Owing to its wide usefulness, FindHowTos has found mentions in various blogs and posts on social media.
  3. FindHowTos is free and always will be: We offer this repository of FindHowTos freely to the audience. The open source software of FindHowTos is also available for free to the users.

What happens when you try to help everyone?

We believe that helping others comes with its own set of rewards. We always try to improve our articles so that people can derive maximum benefit out of them. While doing this, we often tend to give less importance to the outcomes we are going to get. But the popularity we have got within the short span of time is really overwhelming and inspiring.

  1. FindHowTos is the most popular HowTo website: Studies show that FindHowTos is the most widely visited website in the HowTo genre. The ever-increasing web traffic we’ve been getting since our inception shows the love and acceptance we have got.
  2. The most reliable repository of HowTo articles: FindHowTos has been voted by the people as the most authentic and reliable source for HowTo type articles. The large numbers from the online surveys advocates for the trust that people have on FindHowTos.
  3. FindHowTos makes a difference in the lives of others: We have articles on subjects like health, architecture, automobile, beauty, wellness, fashion, self-improvement etc. There are so many things that people need help with but hesitate to ask others for help. They prefer surfing online to asking someone for help in fear of getting insulted. So we serve others as a tool by using which they can change their lives.

How do we serve people?

We thrive on the sole purpose of serving people better. We have a team of expert editors who make sure that all the information we publish on our site is relevant, rich and informative. The contents are designed as a holistic solution to a particular problem. We connect with people worldwide, listen to their real-life experiences and seek their advice on solving a problem. By assembling all the inputs we receive, we move on to build an apt solution for a problem. We include every minute details and make sure that you can use our articles as user manuals for completing a task. Sensitive subjects like medicine are taken utmost care and the articles are verified and approved by medical experts.

How did we start?

FindHowTos was founded in 2016 by Mr. Duke with a mission to provide people with a one-stop solution for every problem in this world. Today we hold this mission as our core value and the prime driving force of FindHowTos. We are a for-profit organization that works diligently to answer all your HowTo queries. We started with a few articles and now we can boast of a huge repository of HowTo articles.

We invite you to explore our vast range of HowTo articles that hold the best possible answer to various real-life problems. Be it medicine, engineering or life, we have an appropriate answer for everything.