How to Beat Impostor Syndrome?

impostor syndrome
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7 Things to Know About Impostor Syndrome.

Impostor syndrome, also known as fraud syndrome is a phenomenon in which the individuals face an inability to realise their mental competency and they feel the fear of being called as “frauds”. Despite several pieces of evidence proving their competencies, they remain doubtful about the success they have achieved and that the people see them as frauds. They feel that they do not deserve what they have gained in life.

Impostor syndrome is not a mental disorder. Still, it has been the topic of research for many psychologists throughout the world. Before judging yourself, you must know about what this syndrome exactly is. Here are the seven things that you should know about Impostor Syndrome.

1. It is not a defect

Impostor syndrome is neither a defect, nor it is a mental disorder. If you are an impostor, it doesn’t mean that you lack incompetence. It is not a personality trait; instead, it is something that can be controlled and can be overcome.

2. Tame it

If you are having any self-doubts or thinking about your shortcomings that are due to impostor syndrome, stop yourself there and overcome them. Merely recognising your thoughts can help you prevent them.

3. Wrong decisions

Impostor syndrome can lead to false decision making in life. When you are afraid of being taking wrong choices, you will end up making wrong ones. Stopping the negativity in your works.

4. No fakeness

Just because you are suffering from impostor syndrome and you hesitate in telling people, it doesn’t mean that you are fake. You are an impostor and not false. It is just a phase of life, a part of the game and you are a real contender.

5. Passes with time

Impostor syndrome may be very disturbing for you it moves with the passage of time. It is just a phase, and it will go like other bad times. You just need to figure out how you can do that quickly.

6. Extremely Common

This syndrome is quite common. You will find many people talking about this and spreading awareness about this. You are not the only who is suffering from it. It’s no such big deal.

7. Rarely discussed

People are hardly aware of the term “impostor syndrome”. This topic is hardly discussed in public. But now you will find many big people coming out and talking freely about this.

How to beat impostor syndrome?


A person suffering from impostor syndrome has issues related to confidence. He doubts himself, so building self-confidence is the primary thing that can help you beat this.


When you involve yourself in any task, don’t feel that you will be criticised for this or you will be blamed for some shit. Instead, focus on providing value. Do whatever your work is with dedication.

Reminding Success

Keep telling yourself about your success. Remember what you have achieved and it glorifies you. You are worth everything that you have gained. This will help you feel like genuine.

Stop Comparing

Don’t compare yourself or the feedback you get from others. This only brings negativity in you. Instead, expose yourself entirely to the world. You certainly can go ahead. Start believing in yourself.

Accept it

Say to people that you are an impostor and it is impostor syndrome. Accepting things never worsen the situation. It is less terrible. You will fill free and light-hearted once you do that.

Stop Regretting

No one wants to take his regrets to his deathbed and of course, you are going to die one day. Never hesitate in taming. Start forcing yourself to speak out this feeling.

Supportive mantra: Creating a supportive mantra for your life helps. This motivates you to have a new good start, and this will gradually make you better as a person.

Nurture your self-esteem: Be proud of what you have achieved and what you own. This helps you in nurturing your self-esteem.

Stop feeling like a Fraud

Impostor syndrome is something that has been a hoax. But to cope up with this situation, you have to be a little self-centred. Learn how to be confident and how to deal with the changes in lives. There is no sense in worrying what people think for you. Don’t feel like a fraud, not for at least the things that are entirely your own. The positivity comes from within. You are not alone coping up with this situation. There are a million others too, so you are not a fraud or fake.


Learn to face your impostor feelings. No one cares about whether you are an impostor or not. So, no one cares whether you are fraud or not. They are not going to find out anything. You have to learn how to manage.

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