How to earn 100 dollars a month from Google AdSense? 6 Tips!

100 dollars a month
100 dollars a month

Today the whole internet is abuzz with success stories of bloggers making astronomical amounts of money with Google AdSense. This is simply the outcome of sheer dedication and perseverance. No one has been able to earn a fortune in this field overnight. Every blogger struggles to break 1$ per day target in the initial phase and those who keep on trying and improving become able to break even 100 dollars a month one day.

Before starting the journey of making money with Google AdSense you have to be well-informed about how much does AdSense pay and how to make money with Adsense. Read blogs and articles by successful bloggers on how to make money with Google ads and frame the right strategy to make your first 100 dollars in as least time as possible. This piece of article will put light on some of the basic areas that you need to work on to ensure your first 100 dollars.

How to make money with Google AdSense?

Income through Google AdSense happens via two ways: Click through Rate (CTR) and Cost per Mile (CPM). Do some research on “how much does Adsense pay per click” and make your calculations to reach 100 dollars. If you do some math with the Adsense earning calculator, you will eventually end up with the need of around 60-70 thousand visits for your content. These can be from various sources like a referral, social media shares, search engine results or direct visits. At the end of the day, you can see that it all depends on the basics of driving traffic for your content to conform to your Adsense estimated earnings.

1. Set the niche for your contents

In the initial phase, don’t get carried away by the success of low competition keywords, micro-niches etc. Shift your focus entirely on choosing a broader niche that you know the best. You must be able to write impressive and unique contents on a variety of topics in that niche. Once you get a good hold, you can produce contents frequently with something new for your audience every time.

2. Develop excellent contents

Always read before you write. Make a note of the things which are already flowing over the internet. Don’t lose your audience with redundant and cheeky topics and always come up with fresh, informative and helpful contents. People are more likely to respond to blogs that have a new and strong message which fetches them with something to take home after reading. Use more relevant and catchy titles and justify them with equally splendid contents.

3. Create some quality Backlinks

Quality link building is inevitable for creating popular blog contents. Although a great content is still the king in the SEO industry, nothing works like good quality backlinks to ensure more traffic to your site. Never fall into the trap of spam or low-quality backlinks to reach your goal faster. To avoid penalisation by Google, always build backlinks through guest posts, blog commenting or by promoting the contents of social media platforms.

4. Place your Ads in the right Place

For better user experience, you may not find it appropriate to place the ads in-between the contents; so you place it somewhere the users are most unlikely to visit. Bear in mind that making money faster with Google ads is never going to be easy without an aggressive motive. You have to place the ads in-between your contents; near the title or near the sub-heading where it will be visible clearly to the readers.

5. Re-produce well-performing Contents

Always be vigilant to feedbacks and response of users to each of your contents. Distinguish the topics that got you huge response and make a note of those. Now it’s time to improve those contents and publish in a different light. You can choose relevant and similar topics and write on them. When you start getting more traffic, you can easily find the topics that work for you.

6. Connect with more people in real life

To ensure a large figure in the Adsense revenue calculator, wider visibility of your contents is a must. Discover popular bloggers in your niche and try to build up relationships with them. Never ask for links directly, rather work your way up to earn some links from them. You can comment on their blogs, congratulate them for the good work they’re doing and advice novice bloggers on their writings. You maximize the chances of building a mutually beneficial relationship in this way and earn in a win-win situation.


The time taken to earn the first 100 Dollars vary from person to person. You have to get this fact right that you’re starting your journey from zero and you have to be patient with your endeavour to see results. The above tricks, when combined with patience, can produce noticeable results. So don’t lose hope and keep blogging!!

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