How to Analyze a Business Process? Detailed Explanation!

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Business has many aspects to it. Every company has its own goals set for short term and long term. Achievement of goals is possible only when clear-cut processes supports the same through thorough planning and implementation. Goals are set looking at the scope for performance from where a business stands today, the scope available for business expansion from all angles and the realistic goal achievable considering the competition levels and establishment levels of self.

Once goals are set for organisational development, the next step is to support achievement of goals with appropriate systems and processes. Care must be taken to ensure that such methods and procedures set complement to efforts of goal achievement. Business Process must be placed in such a way to pull the business towards success in a collective way than pulling down the shots into the drain. Let us have an in-depth look how the process is mapped to business and how typically business process is designed.

Be clear about your Purpose:

The first step involved in creating a business process for your organisation to achieve the set goal is to split your yearly goal into 12 months. Some months may offer more scope for the achievement of your goal while some may be lean period due to socio-economic and various other factors. So why splitting your yearly target, take in into consideration all the internal and external factors that may pose a risk or which may be congenial to your decision. Once you are ready with your monthly plan to keep moving towards achieving your yearly targets, set supporting processes for each role so that every Employee in the organisation has a bright cut idea about what is expected out of him to help the team achieve the yearly goal. This is typically termed as mapping processes (Process mapping) to your overall goals in a realistic and straightforward manner

Document the Processes Created:

Documenting the process created is a crucial part of this documentation acts as the basis for the present as well as the future. It also works as the proof of efforts taken towards performance to external authorities like the auditing firm, banks and customers to substantiate genuine intentions. Ensure your process has three different aspects. One is the team that is directly responsible for revenue earning efforts. The next is the support functions like Finance, HR and Administration that provide all facilities required by the tax collecting teams. The third is to map the responsibilities of the Management who need to give direction to both the sides so that revenue earned viz-a-viz expenses leads to profit. Documenting also helps all stakeholders understand the exact business process methodology in a precise manner to work with the clarity of effort.

Observe for Business Process Efficiency:

The typical business analysis is done taking into consideration the underlying business model and its scope in the business world. Once the business process definition is arrived at through the thorough business analysis and the processes set is on rails, it is time for you to look for making the business processes more efficient. Look out for ways to make the business process stronger and sharper, so it pushes the organisation towards achievement of the set goals

Analyze set Processes for Loop Holes:

Excellent business process design identifies the loopholes as the process gets implemented and takes necessary course correction from time to time. This is a significant step in improving BPM Process and requires the fullest attention of a qualified and experienced Business Process Manager. Any loopholes in the business process can be detrimental to all the efforts put in by the complete organisation since the business processes acts as the primary guidelines for the performance or non-performance of every role in the team

Brainstorm Sessions:

Brainstorming sessions are necessary both while setting up the business processes as well as during the improvement stages of the same. Taking inputs to set up or improve processes already set up is crucial since the co-operation of all the stakeholders is required to march forward towards the set goal at all points of time. For easy understanding of the complete group involved in achieving the set goals, BPMN may be helpful. BPMN is nothing a diagrammatic representation of the set business processes and the abbreviation is Business Process Model and Notation. A diagrammatic representation of the set processes, improvement planned and loopholes in between is capable of reaching the point communicated to the desired audience more efficiently than just plain English paragraphs.

Building an organisation as well as taking it towards success is easy when the purpose of the business is evident. Analyzing and setting business processes would help achieve both short-term goals as well as long-term business goals.

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