How to Become a Decent Content Writer? Excellent Tips!

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Being a quality content writer is not everyone’s cup of tea. Writing is one of the most recognised intellectual professions that require an extra bit of talent and creativity. There is a scope for everyone in the job of writing whether you are mediocre or expert. Content writing is one of the most fundamental requirements for any organisation whether it’s big corporate house or a small website. These companies are hiring content writers to work for them and write quality content for their websites and business. And to become an apple of their eye, you must be a decent content writer with sound knowledge of grammar, compositions and the language you are working in.

Content writing job is never being easy as it looks from far. When you are working as a freelance content writer, you have to be committed and devoted towards your work and give your best each time to meet customer expectations. Let’s start a journey of becoming a decent content writer:

What successful content writers do?

The successful content writers all over the world work differently. It took them a lot of hard work and dedication to reach that point. Here is what you should do to be successful:
Master different styles: You cannot become successful if you are limiting your scope. Practice in different writing styles and expand your comfort zone.

Not picking up titles randomly:

When it comes to choosing your topic, don’t pick up an item randomly. Instead, go for something that fascinates and excite you. You can write well and comfortably on such issues.


All the successful content writers write original content. Using plagiarised content is never going to take you far on this journey.


You must possess the basic knowledge of SEO, HTML and WordPress. Knowing all these tools helps you to write in-depth and high-quality content.

Social media:

Use social media to promote yourself and your work. Build your audience and meet experts. Maintain your profiles up to date.

Things to keep in mind as a content writer

To become a great content writer, you need to possess various skills and build your intellect. Keeping the below thing in mind will progress you towards success.
Improvisation of writing skills is the first requirement. You must write good sentences and paragraphs. The sentences must be 100% original and of appropriate lengths.

Connecting with the audience is very important. Always write by keeping your audience in mind. Your work must be readily understandable by your readers.
Work commitment is required. Commit yourself to your work even if you are working part-time. Don’t compromise on the quality.

Be more specific. Don’t deviate from the given topic just to fill the word count. You can use images or graphics to explain a problem better.

Don’t be rigid with the rules while writing. You are allowed to break specific rules when it seems right. Consider every topic as your argument.

“Practice makes a man perfect”. Therefore, practice writing every day. This improves not only your speed but also your grammar and vocabulary.

Take feedback from your clients and analyse your shortcomings. If you want to move ahead, you have to correct the mistakes on time.

What is SEO Content Writing?

To build a greater audience, the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization is a must. Proficiency in SEO is the answer to how to become a great content writer. If you are writing for your website or blog, you must know the relevance of SEO. Google displays a link as per the importance and by analysing its content. You have to create content that is useful, interesting, tempting, unique and creative. Such material must be well optimised for search engines. SEO writing is the need for the businesses to survive in today’s world.

Various writing websites help you to build your career in writing. By signing up on these sites for free, you can search for the jobs that suit your needs and start working. Such writing websites are a great way to start and gear up your career as a fresher, and after some experience, you can kick-start your work.

Content Writing Courses

For those who are looking for some help or guidance, there are content writing courses as well. These classes are highly helpful for the fresher as they help them to begin their journey as a freelance content writer. You can check out different content writing courses to gain expertise in the field.

Content Writer Salary

There is no fixed pay for a content writer. A fresher is paid less for his work but with the passage of time, pay increases as the work experience increases. The well-established content writers are earning a decent income in lakhs which is nowhere less than other professional jobs. Versatility in your writing can help you to dig out the maximum from this field. The salary largely varies from job to job and from employer to employer.


Working as a content writer gives you an enviable life. You can both work on-site or from your home according to your schedule, and choose the amount of work you want to do. Thousands of people possess the necessary skills to be a content writer, but lack of awareness keep them away from an incredible career. If you are on the path of being a decent content writer, then spread your knowledge and educate others about it as we are doing. Begin your journey and keep the passion on for writing.

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