How to earn money from typing a Captcha? 5 Best Websites.

earn money from captcha
earn money online by typing

Many new opportunities to earn money online are coming up every day due to the rampant growth of online businesses. One of them is solving or typing a Captcha. You must have come across this Captcha while making online transactions or while signing up for a website. Captcha is a very familiar term in the internet fraternity. But how can you earn money online by typing a Captcha? Therefore you must be aware of what Captcha is and how to use Captcha?

What is a Captcha?

To distinguish between human users and automated bots, Captcha for a website is used as a challenge-response test. In typical kind of Captchas, some texts or numbers are written in a sophisticated manner which only humans are expected to decode. Then the user needs to write those texts or numbers in plain text in a designated box to prove authenticity.

How to make money by solving Captcha?

Though this may sound weird, there a lot of companies who pay people to type Captcha for them. If you are serious about making some good money online without much effort, then this is one of the best jobs for you. The minimum requirements for this job are a computer, a keyboard and your knowledge on how to do a Captcha.

The profit you can make by solving Internet Captcha is very marginal, and hence you need to answer thousands of Captchas every day to earn a decent amount.

Why do companies require Captcha Solvers?

Many websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Gmail which need authentication for signing up in their sites, deal with thousands of Captcha every day. The entire process of authenticating Captchas could have been automated by these companies easily. But the Captcha is itself designed to fool the automation scripts. So they require a huge number of people to solve Captcha for them on a daily basis.

Top Captcha typing jobs:

This Captcha entry job gradually started entering the Indian market some years ago. Now, this can be termed as one of the popular online money-making jobs of India. You can find many Captcha entry works in India nowadays over the Internet. There are also many fraudulent websites who offer such job opportunities but do not pay. So finding out a genuine company is the key to earn good cash by solving Captcha for a site.

Here we have handpicked some genuine to websites that you can choose to start your work as a Captcha solver.

1. MegaTypers:

MegaTypers is one of the popular sites which can pay you well for solving Captchas. You have to ensure a good typing speed with a good Internet connection to get going. You can be sure of getting works daily in MegaTypers. Their pay ranges from $0.50 to $1.50 per thousand Captchas you solve.

2. ProTypers:

ProTypers is yet another old and famous website offering Captcha entry jobs with $0.45 to $1.50 per 1000 words. If you have an excellent typing speed, then you should go for this. ProTypers collaborates with many payment third parties like PayPal, PayZap etc. and you can be sure of timely payment with ProTypers.

3. Kolotibablo:

Kolotibablo can pay you up to $1 for every correct 1000 Captcha images you solve. The only thing that you have to keep in mind while working for Kolotibablo is that you need to maintain a high level of accuracy for each Captcha you take up to solve. You can ensure good cash flowing in if you can keep the quality and efficiency of your work.

4. Captcha2Cash:

Captcha2Cash another popular and authentic website that pays around $0.8 to $1 for 1000 Captcha typing. The good thing about this site is that you can withdraw your earned money anytime when you make at least $1.

5. FastTypers:

If you have a habit of working during the night, this website is a must for you. You can also earn during the daytime, but the volume of incoming work increases significantly during the night hours in India. You are all set to make some good cash with a good internet connection with fast typing skills. The payment range is almost similar to that of MegaTypers.

As we have mentioned earlier, there is no great margin of earning in Captcha entry jobs. This is ideal for making a secondary income online. It also must be kept in mind that, you cannot work on multiple Captcha entry websites simultaneously. The count of Captcha you need to solve on each website is very high to earn good cash. So don’t sign up everywhere and choose sites wisely.

Apart from the above, many other genuine websites pay for Captcha solving. You just need to conduct proper research before you take up such jobs online.

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