How to make money on YouTube? All about earning of YouTube!

Earn money on YouTube
Earn money on YouTube

The young generation is a pretty smart one. They know how to make money & want to be responsible & earn their expenses. Besides this, they have a varied interest in thousands of fields. They try & look out of the box to create their ways & YouTube has provided one such way for these young adults to earn money in a new way. To earn money on YouTube, one just has to follow few easy steps, and voila, you are making money before you know it.

This might not sound much but after knowing the exact amount of how much YouTubers get paid, anyone will be astonished. It is an entirely astounding. By just identifying how much money you can make from YouTube, creates a sense of wish & want to start working on YouTube. To start earning money through YouTube you need to need to know a few necessary things besides how YouTubers make money.

Further in this article are some tips to help anyone solve their queries regarding how you make money on YouTube. To earn from YouTube, the essential step is to start a YouTube channel & gain subscribers and viewers on it. But, besides this, there are also many other factors that affect the financial element. The only question that arises after all this is how I can make money on YouTube, the answer to which is mentioned in steps below.


Anyone who wants to start earning through YouTube will have to follow below-given steps sequentially.

Raising an audience:

raise a loyal audience
most basic step to earn money on YouTube is to first build a loyal audience

The first & most essential step to making money on YouTube is first to raise a loyal audience to watch.

  • This step is the most important because how do you make money on YouTube depends on the number of views & subscribers.
  • Another vital step to earning money on YouTube is to keep making consistent videos on YouTube.
  • Consistency is essential because if your videos are consistent, your selected audience will be kept entertained & thus your views won’t go down.
  • Also, the YouTubers have to try & maintain as many subscribers as possible.

Setting up a YouTube Channel:

How you make money on YouTube is by starting a YouTube Channel
How you make money on YouTube is by starting a YouTube Channel

How you make money on YouTube is by starting a YouTube Channel.

  • Once you have enough audience for your channel, you can start your YouTube Channel.
  • Just by the motto of earning money, no one can go far on YouTube; you have to love your work.
  • How can I make money on YouTube? Can’t be the only question. The question should rather be ‘How can I keep my audience entertained?’
  • There are hundreds of topics available to choose from, to start a YouTube Channel. Besides which, if one comes up with any new topics, they can start a YouTube channel on that as well.
  • No matter what the selected topic is, the videos on the Channel must be entertaining as well as consistent.


To earn a higher amount of money, the YouTubers must enable their channel or monetisation.

For this purpose, the YouTubers must first make an account on AdSense & then by the knowing what types of videos can be monetised, and the videos can then be monetised with ads. This way, the YouTubers can make money through ads.

But the disadvantage here is that monetization is not available in all countries due to copyright issues.

Other ways to make more money on YouTube:

how youtubers make money
how YouTubers make cash

There are many varied ways to make money on a YouTube channel. You just need to know how you can make money on YouTube. Below are given some tips explaining how YouTubers make money.

  • Advertisements can help to make a right amount of money on YouTube.
  • The Youtubers can also make money through YouTube Red subscriptions.
  • Another favourite way to make money nowadays is by fan funding. In this method, the fans of these YouTubers can pay them in a built-in tip jar to support them with their videos.
  • The Youtubers can also work with brands. This way they can make a pretty good amount of money by promoting brands on their videos.
  • The Youtubers can also use merchandise made accessories in their videos to earn more money.
  • Another way similar to fan funding is crowdfunding. In this way, the YouTubers can raise money by launching external crowdfunded campaigns.
  • Also, the YouTubers can attend live concerts & events to meet & attend their YouTube fans. This will also help them earn money.

How do YouTubers get paid?

As unbelievable as it may sound, the YouTubers make a good amount of money. But, nothing comes for free, so the YouTubers have to pay some money to keep their channels on YouTube. Out of the total cash that YouTubers make, 45% is deducted by Google for revenues before it comes to their hand.

How much do YouTubers earn?

Even after all the revenues, the YouTubers make a pretty good amount of money. For example, the estimated yearly income of Channel Olga Kay is 100k dollars to 300k dollars, i.e. nearly 66, 51,780 INR to 1, 99, 55,340 INR. To get the exact estimates of how much these famous Youtubers anyone can visit the official website of Social Blade.

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