How to Get Better Grades in Examination?

get better grades
how to get better grades

Preparing for exams is not an easy thing to do. To get good grades, you have to do a lot of preparation and struggle. Many of the students struggle a lot to raise their grade and still don’t get the desired results. It is not because of the hard work. It is because they are not doing the work in the right direction. To become a bookworm is not the way to get good marks, instead get the best grades with the least amount of efforts.

How to get better grades?

Attend all your lectures and make notes. Whatever you study in the class, absorb it well. Take down the notes carefully and revise them in the exams. The topic taught by the professors in the class is usually what you get in exams as well.

The school or college life is about multi-tasking. Get engaged in all other activities also. It helps you build an image in front of teachers, and even your hobbies help you relax your mind.
Use the primary textbooks for reading. Don’t rely on the short notes or solved booklets entirely.

Study and understand

Read the chapters thoroughly from the textbook and for revision; you can opt for solved ones. Don’t merely read silently from the book. Speak out loud whatever you are reading. By doing this, you are increasing your retaining power. It helps you absorb the content quickly and for a longer time.

For subjects that are practical, use notebook and pen to solve the questions. Reading practical issues is never going to work out in exams. Practice such matters more and more.

Visualise the information

Use diagrams and flow charts to remember topics such as processor details. Diagrams are often easy to visualise in exams than a complete theoretical chapter.

Students often feel demoralised or de-motivated if they are not getting good grades. The fact is no one can get the perfection in just one hit. You have to keep trying to reach where you want to be. For this, read some motivational tips here.

How to Study for Finals?

get better grades
how to study for finals

Only finding different ways to study better is half the work done, the other half is how to gain maximum return from the hard work, and for this, you need to bring down the level of stress. Here’s how:

  • Take a walk before the exam. Don’t cram just before the exam time as you will forget everything. Tyr to be as calm as you can by taking a walk or sitting silently.
  • Don’t indulge yourself in useless gossips. People will always talk rubbish but don’t get reduced by it. Ignore the useless talks and stay away from negativity.
  • Reduce the use of social media. There is always useless and distracting information available there which can bring down your confidence.
  • Listening music relaxes your nerves and calms down your mood but looking for the right type of music is essential. Elevate your mood with the right music.
  • Don’t over exhaust yourself. Whenever you feel tired, take a nap. Exhausting the brain increases the stress and creates mental unbalancing or irritation.
  • Meditation and exercises like yoga are the best way to avoid the pre-exams stress.
    Exams are not monsters. They are not going to eat you up. You have to be afraid of them. Behave casually. Don’t give and take tension.
  • Studying for tests is not that difficult, but when it comes to finals, it can be devastating. Here’s how to study for finals.
  • Revise what you have studied until now first. Picking up an entirely new topic is a terrible idea. To gain confidence in the subject, first, go through what you know till now.
    Take your tests honestly and give yourself marks by performance. This helps you to evaluate your performance and identify your weak areas.

Plan and schedule

Prepare a schedule. Scheduling and planning is the best way to keep track of everything so that you don’t miss anything at the end moment.

Good handwriting is as important as good content. Follow the rules of good handwriting and try to write neatly but don’t waste your time on this.

Don’t spend all your day on one chair and table. Try to study in different places. Changing places of the study also has an impact on the concentration.

If you have your exams nearby, follow the tips as mentioned above, and you will surely see the difference. With the changing world and competition, the ways to face this competition must also change. Study smart, not hard. Hard work done in the right direction is half the battle won.

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