How to Keep your Laptop Battery Healthy and Last.

Keep your laptop battery healthy & long lasting
Keep your laptop battery healthy & long lasting

Nowadays, almost everyone has a laptop, and it is a great device due to its mobility. We hate if its battery wears out quickly and one has to constantly plug it into a power source. Today we will learn tips for maximizing your laptop battery life and keep your laptop battery healthy and eventually last longer. 

There are many math people suppose about the battery life of electronic devices. For example, some say keep your device battery drain until 100%, and they charge it fully to keep your device’s battery healthy and another side some say its opposite that you should not keep draining your battery life completely.

There different types of batteries used in laptops. In older laptops, manufacturers were using nickel cadmium (NiCd) or nickel metal hydride (NiMH). In modern laptops, manufacturers are using lithium-ion batteries, and these batteries become long lasting if you charge them often. In case of NiCd or NiMH the practice of draining battery fully and then charging will work but in case of lithium-ion batteries, it’s not worth to do so.

Life of lithium-ion batteries

lithium ion battery care
lithium ion battery care

The lithium-ion battery works on ion movement between the positive and negative electrodes. As per its mechanism, it should work forever, but cycling, temperature while charging and growing old decreases the performance of the battery. So in most cases lithium-ion battery charging last between 300 and 500 discharge/charge cycles. We have mentioned below tips to prevent lithium-ion battery care.

Save Cycles

The first step to improve or keep your battery long lasting is save charging cycles. Each time you drain your battery completely will result in reducing its life. For example, If you leave your laptop charging for a long time after it gets a full charge, then use a bit then charge it back up again. Depending on how long you keep it plugged in, this will result in more cycles than you should have.
So the first thing to take care is, keep your battery charging with power cable while using a laptop (even if it get charged 100%).
Nowadays laptops are built with the feature of eco mode. Means it will automatically adjust the consumption of power such as down the brightness of screen while ideal mode also it will stop charging the battery after it charges 100%.

Keep your battery cool

Keep your battery cool
Keep your battery cool

Li-ion batteries are portable however they catch so much heat while charging. Your laptop can bear up-to 90 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, and if it goes up, it can cause serious harm to your laptop so if you feel your battery very hot, then take of it from the laptop and give it some rest.

Keep screen brightness as low as you can comfortably read it:
Your laptop’s backlight requires a lot of juice. Keep it as dim as you can comfortably read it.

Understand when to sleep and when to hibernate

There is a difference between sleep mode hibernate mode. Sleep mode keeps your system on; it uses less power than in normal use. Hibernate mode saves the system’s state to the hard disc mode. Therefore it shuts off entirely so that it uses no power in Hibernate mode.
However, Sometimes Windows takes a long time to go into and come out of hibernation. Those are the time that the battery is draining heavily. In this case, as much RAM your system is having will help you to improve battery consumption.

Quick Tips:

  • Never let the battery drop to zero percent. Instead of, you can use hibernation modes that will keep at least five percent battery.
  • Try to keep using your laptop at a periodic time and do not keep it off for an extended period as An unused battery can die forever if not recharged soon enough.
  • Keep your laptop cool. Store it indoors, avoid direct sunlight, and keep it out of hot cars during warm days.
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