How to Become Tech Savvy

How to Become Tech Savvy
How to Become Tech Savvy

What is Tech Savvy? The person who is well informed and having great skills about the latest technology, especially computers is called Tech Savvy. Let’s understand this word in detail. The meaning of tech-savvy is not about spending a lot of money on latest gadgets. It’s not about using high-end computers or playing games on laptops. To become Tech savvy means that you know how to use technology and to become more efficient and productive.

Let’s take an example:

A woman, working at home start her day by checking her email and sorting them into separate folders. She’ll mark the important ones, and push some of them into tasks which needs action. After that, she may synchronise those tasks with her calendar into her mobile phone.

To stay updated, she would open her feed reader and take a brief look, read the latest news on her favourite news sites and blogs. She may bookmark the news in her browser which she may found her favourite. She may update her blog, and maybe use an online photo editing tool to make her new profile picture. To keep in touch with her friends, she might also login in on her Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networking sites.

To deal with her own business, she may start client calls using VOIP, and even she may do a phone call with some key people. She may send text messages to those that she hasn’t been able to contact. Then she may use an Excel sheet for finance tracking, and some PowerPoint slides for customer presentations, and her Outlook which holds tasks, email and calendar entries.

Before calling it a day, she may open online shopping websites and order some toys and clothes for her baby. And before going to bed, she may do a full systems scan to ensure that her online sessions did not affect any viruses or spyware.

Now you may understand what technology savvy is, as I said earlier – “To become technology savvy means how you use technology and become more efficient and productive.

Now let’s talk about how you can be a tech-savvy:

You just have to know how to use your resources well nothing more. Here are some quick tasks which lead you to become tech savvy:

  • Learn how to repair your computer.
  • Learn more computer tips and tricks.
  • Always stay updated with information about the latest gadgets and news.
  • Get more apps on your smartphone for managing your daily schedule and work.
  • Get familiar with Photoshop.
  • Learn to Program/Code.
  • Start using different Operating Systems.
  • Use Google.
  • Learn something new on YouTube.
  • Create social media accounts and stay in touch with your network.
  • Utilize your smartphone to the complete extent.
  • Learn tricks and tips about networking.
  • Be an Expert in whatever you do.
  • Join an online community where you can learn more from an expert.
  • Join an open Meetup.
  • Learn Outlook and understand how to use it.
  • Read Books.
  • Interact with people.
  • Learn tech tips, join classes and tutoring.
  • Be knowledgeable in many fields.
  • Learn how to deal with computer Viruses, Spyware, and And learn how to avoid Malware.

So, tell me – What are you doing to become tech-savvy? Also, give more suggestions to become tech savvy right in below comment box.

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