How To Make Money By Selling Photos Online?

selling photos online
Make money by selling photos

How about, you earn a few bucks for merely pursuing your hobby, get to do more of what you enjoy doing, and improve your skills.

Today, we see a lot of beautiful and mesmerising pictures online. So how do you think these photographs get there? Apparently, people are uploading them. Photography can be one of the most exciting ways of earning pocket money by simply putting Images for Sale online.

Before you get started, be aware of the fact that every individual has an artist within. However, it is necessary to identify and evaluate your skill and determine if it is that outstanding to make an exceptional impression on the internet. If this is the case, then it’s possible for you to earn a reasonable amount for your pictures.

How to get started?

There are a lot of websites (Shutterstock, iStock Photo, Alamy, PhotoShelter, Fotolia, PhotoMoolah, Can Stock Photo, 123RF, Dreamstime, FineArtAmerica, Snapped4U) that deal into buying and selling stock photography online. Go through all the options available for you to sell stock photos online. As every site will have specific requirements, you are expected to fulfil. Terms and conditions for every Stock Photo Selling site are different. Learn all the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up with any of the sites, to avoid confusion and disappointment in the future.

Brush up on your skills:

selling art photography online
selling art photography online

It’s best to always play to your strengths. Select the photos or genre that suits you best. So there are rare chances of your photos facing rejection from the sites. In case you need to brush up your skills a bit more, takes the time to do it. You might want to consider investing in a good camera, or a small course you require to get pro at clicking pictures.

Verify the authenticity of your work:

Before you upload any Stock Photo online, make sure you have the copyrights to post, edit or sell these pictures online. Otherwise, it would be considered as fraudulent activity, also leading to the termination of your services with any specific site you might be using to Sell Stock Images.

Step by step- Sell Photos online

Register to Stock Photo Sites:
Studying all the terms & conditions of your available choices, to make money through stock photography. Pick the sites that best suit your requirement regarding skills needed, payment options, and mode of payments. After arriving at a decision, register with any specific site/s you may like. Create an Account for use. Also, choose from the various agencies available online, after reading the terms of service and their pay scales with a lot of attention. Because the pay scales for specific sites are better than the competitors, this comes in exchange for more stringent rules of the product quality.

It is advisable to always register for more than one stock photo agencies, as the same stock photos might get rejected by one agency, while the other agency might accept it, and give you a decent pay for it.

Uploading your photos to the agency:
Make sure that the quality of the picture is up to the mark, and you have all the copyrights of the image. In case, any person is visible in the photo; you need to sign a model agreement or a no objection certificate with the person. For the same reasons, certain buildings of private nature might be best to avoid in your photos.

The agency needs to approve you’re your stock photos before they are available for the public to view, purchase or download. Therefore a quality check of the pictures is conducted if the picture qualifies and fulfils all the criteria the images are put forward by the agency.

Income Process:

Once your Images be approved by the site; you start accumulating your money. Accumulate, because a lot of sites need you to earn a minimum of $100 for them to realise a payment. Every site has different payment terms, so not all will hold up the money till it reaches $100. And some sites have a better pay range. Therefore, it all depends on the kind of photos posted by you and the type of audience. There is no specified limit to selling stocks online.

Mode of Payment:

You will receive the money by PayPal, online money transfers or cheque, as per your convenience.

How to make your photos sell more:

How to make your photos sell more
How to make your photos sell more

For you to sell your photos more efficiently, make them more visible to the public looking for them. For this reason, you need to promote your photos efficiently.

  • Use common words to tag your pictures,  so they’re easy to search.
  • Be doubly sure before posting pictures, regarding quality.
  • Post pictures of a variety of stuff, as a similar pattern, can get boring for the viewers.
  • Click photos relating to latest and trending topics.
  • Use a lot of innovative ideas.
  • Try to make your own identity with your work, so your audience wants more of your work, this will build loyal viewers.

For more help on the procedure, try this tutorial.


If you have the talent and skill, put it to good use. Earn some extra pocket money, have fun and make more pictures, for yourself and others to enjoy.

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