Think You’re An Expert In How To Flirt?

how to flirt
how to flirt

Are you Single and ready to mingle or looking to meet your new babe? Then before proceeding take few useful tips to impress your partner in a flirty way. First of all what is flirting? It’s a big question because sometimes many of us make the wrong perception, whenever you see the opposite sex talking to each other doesn’t mean that they are flirting. It’s an art which involves written or verbal communication. One can express it in a social or in a sexually way depending on a situation and person’s relationship.

How to flirt?

Depend upon the cultural traditions and different modes of social etiquette. It’s a way of expressing that how close and romantically you are attracted to someone. Although there are no rules and regulations for flirting still one needs to keep the balance between revealing their feelings and intriguing.

How to flirt with girls?

First of all most important part of flirting with a girl is making eye contact. It is the easiest way to start doing flirting. Don’t stare. It will look awkward but do throw a gaze for second with a smile or look at her with raised eyebrows and a nought wink. No doubt you’ll start smiling immediately if you’re talking to someone special, but this could turn out to be advantageous want to know how..!! Then you can complement her dressing sense, smile, hairstyle etc. that set your flirting platform. You can sing one or two lines of any romantic song if you are good at singing. This will impress most of the girls out there.

How do you flirt with a guy?

How do you flirt with a guy
How do you flirt with a guy

It’s not a big deal to flirt with a guy. All you have to do is look confident, and approachable. How? Very simple, pay attention to your smile, appearance, and the way you move and talk. To start with, you can also compliment his accessories and make use of some romantic words like ‘Naughty’, ‘Handsome’, ‘Charming’ etc. This is quite appealing to boys. If you’re looking for how to flirt with a guy in high school, then make him feel he is the rock star in college or if he is right in sport or studies to take advantage of that. Remember flirting is always complimenting other in more loveable and romantic way. Be friendly and flirty but don’t go vulgar and unhealthy.

How to flirt with your girlfriend?

How to flirt with girls
How to flirt with girls

Flirting with your girlfriend is not a terrible job at all. All you need is some good sense of humour and romance. But here is the first tip before you start flirting out:
Make sure that all is going well and in a healthy way because sometimes the person you’re flirting with doesn’t feel like it. Your constant efforts probably disinterest him/her, so gauge the interest of person if he/she is preoccupied or not showing any interest. Chances maybe they aren’t interested in flirting with you.

Now if everything is fine and all the ways are clear then you can try any of these flirting methods:

Belittle touchily. Hold her hands, check her out in public, play with her hairs.
Give a verbal compliment. Make her feel physically and emotionally attractive.
Send a late night favourite dish of her with a flirty note.
Send her sweet texts that are romantic and naughty at the same time.
Make use of your sense of humour and bake every chance you got to tease or pleasure her.

Flirting is an art, and it takes some time to master. If you are looking to flirt with a girl through text then try below flirting examples:
Talk something light, funny and witty that giggle her mood and heart. Like discussing some ideal romantic situation, sharing your fantasy or some text game that ends up in something romantic.

Don’t be formal in texting, always add some value to it. Like instead of a ‘Hi’ text, ‘I know you are waiting for my text’.

Tease her with some funny nickname. Go merciless while teasing but do keep it light. Also, allow her to tease you back.
Play romantic question game that sound flirtier. Like how good you are in kissing, romance in the rain etc.

Build sexual tension while flirting. Introduce some elements of sexual tension. Here you can find some best sexting examples.

In the end, keep things moving forward. If you make her laugh, blush and lots of shy and kissing smileys then you are up to it. Pleasing flirt always has a high chance of converting text to phone calls and then date to sex. So keep flirting! 🙂

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