How to improve internet speed? Tips to high download speed!

Boost Internet Download Speed
Boost Internet Download Speed

Are looking for a way to improve internet speed? Are you tired of with slow downloading speed and expecting high internet download speed, If yes then my article will help you to understand the reason behind slow download speed. Also, I will explain you the meaning of some internet speed terms from which many people are misguiding nowadays. I will tell you the all possible ways to increase download speed.

There is no magical trick available to boost your internet speed more than its limits. Though today in this article I will explain to you how you can utilise internet bandwidth in a correct way so that you always get the best internet speed you pay for.

Understand the exact meaning of terms Mbps and MBps:

Let’s take an example; In my home, I have purchased 1Mbps speed plan. We never get the actual speed what the ISP (Internet Service Provider) tells us. We never tried to understand why ISP do not provide real speed, right? Let me clear this.

When I say Mbps, that means MegaBit, and when I say MBps, that means MegaByte. Most people think that there is no difference in Mbps & MBps. In technical term 1, Byte = 8 Bit and that is the reason why we never get actual speed what we think of. So the truth is dividing the Mbps speed by eight will give you the actual MBps speed.

How to do internet speed test online?


There are plenty of speed test websites available that pings your ISP to check download speed test of your internet. This website gives you an approximate number of your downloading and uploading speed. However, If you try to test your internet speed on speed test websites, it will provide you with the far better result then actually you get if you surf any online videos. So only verifying your internet speed on speed test websites is not the correct way, you should try to buffer some online videos too. The best site to check your internet speed is

Now let’s move to the point, Why do we get show internet speed? There are many reasons for getting slow internet speed, and I will explain them one by one.

1. Background Applications:

Background Applications

Running applications in the background are the big reason of slow internet speed. All people install new software on their system without understanding/knowing the actual internet consumption of those applications in the background. They just keep pressing next-next-next until installation completed.

This application runs in the background and uses your network for the internal purpose of the software. If you check the list of applications which are using your internet bandwidth, you may find there are many applications installed in your system which you may not even aware of and it just slowing down your network speed.

Fix: In Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or above you can just search for Resource Monitor & open it to check the network using applications. After opening Resource Monitor click on the Network tab present there. You will see the list of application which is using your system and also their send/ receives data amount. If you find any application which is running but you are not aware of, just right click on that app and click End Process Tree.

2. Virus Attacks:

The virus or malware is essential which grabs all the sensitive information from your computer, and they continuously send them to the author by using your internet bandwidth, which slows down your internet speed. There are also many viruses which just keep uses your network and internet connection for various offensive works, mainly to jam your network.

Fix: I will highly recommend you to purchase a good and original antivirus for your PC. Don’t use pirated stuff, and it will make your PC even more vulnerable. If you can’t afford that, you can get at least Microsoft Security Essentials for your PC. It is completely free.

3. WiFi Stealer:


The most common reason for slow internet speed is for those who use wireless routers or WiFi. If anyone knows the security key of your WiFi network, the stealer can easily access your WiFi network within your WiFi range. In this case, as stealer is also accessing your internet, so you will never get the full of your bandwidth. In any case, if the number of such stealers gets increased, you may get a very slow speed that can not even be used for surfing online video.

Fix: I will suggest you change your WiFi password at least once a week or once a month. This is very important and if you have a WiFi network which is open and not passwords protected. Make sure you password protect it immediately.

There are some more quick tips/settings which will help you to increase your internet speed on android devices:

1. Go to Settings >> Wireless & Networks. Then in Options, you will find GPRS transfer prefer. Here change the settings to data prefer instead of call prefer. It will increase your data transfer rate which will speed up your internet downloading speed.

2. Clear Android Device Cache: Your cache memory is limited, and its get full when you run different apps. Android devices get slow due to less cache memory. So clear your cache regularly to maintain your Android performance.

3. Unwanted Running apps: Some unwanted apps keep on running at background and utilise a large part of our processor. So you need to identify those apps and close them. And also you can uninstall the apps that you are not using frequently to reduce the load on your mobile processor.

4. Browser Selection: Browser selection has a greater effect on Internet speed on any device. I prefer to use Opera Mini or UC Browser. They are the best browser and have high data transfer rate.

5. Use 3G or 4G networks: When I say use 3G or 4G networks, that does not mean to recharge for the 3G or 4G network. Just switch to 3G or 4G networks even if you have a recharge of 2G. Also, don’t forget to Enable 3G on your phone. Just Go to Settings >> Wireless & Networks. Enable 3G here. Now even you have 2G internet pack, but you can get slightly increase in your Internet speed.

6. Set correct Permission to access Data for apps: There are plenty of apps that keep on using data in the background without our knowledge of Gmail, Games etc. Due to this, there is a decrease in speed, and we lose our data also. So you need to stop such apps from accessing data.
You can install third-party applications to prevent these apps from accessing data. Like you can use Task manager application and block all those apps that are wasting your data.

7. Network Signal With Android apps: The main reason of slow internet is less Network strength at your location. So either complaint about this to your ISP or switch to the better network. You can also use these Network booster apps.

None of the above tips/solutions works to increase your broadband speed? Well, It is almost not possible, because the reasons behind slow broadband speed are everything I’ve mentioned above. Even if still you are facing broadband speed issue then there may be hardware terrible with your System or Ethernet port or your motherboard. This only happens for 1% people among those who are facing slow broadband speed issue.


There is no magical trick to increase your internet speed. So, Make sure you never try those silly tricks shown in online videos. If you follow the steps I’ve mentioned in this article, I am sure you will see your internet speed is boosted.

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