How To Choose A School for your child? The Do’s and Don’ts

Choose a School
Choosing a School

Survival in today’s world means to go forward and face the cut-throat competition. This race starts with the very basics of the elementary or the primary education of every preceding generation. The most vital task for every parent these days is to choose the right school for their kids. We believe that the foundation needs to be strong, not only the building. It is a belief that these days choosing a school in India is the toughest job and parents need to be alert while doing it.

Parent Perspective:

For today’s parent money is not an issue to spend as the trend goes for one or two kids with both parents are working. So they think that a posh school that will suit our social status will but good. They get mesmerised with the architecture but forget that schools are not there for giant infrastructure. Schools are for providing quality education to their child. They go ahead and agree to all the false promises that the school makes initially. And later repent of their decision. Not all schools are the same, but we do not deny that majority of them are the same.

Knock – Knock: Have you appropriately researched?

Analyze the child as well as family need:

  • Bookworm v/s Experiments:
    It is entirely your call whether you want your child to be a bookworm or you want him to get practical exposure.
  • Funds: Make a note of how much you are ready to support the child’s education as there are schools where you need to pay 1 Lakh per year and that are not worth paying. Moreover, on the other hand, there are schools where you spend a lesser amount, and you are content with that.
  • Curriculum Choice: While choosing the curriculum parents to have to understand that the difference in the pattern will also bring a difference in the methodology and the difficulty level of studies. Keeping the type of education boards in mind is also necessary. So be prepared for making them clear their difficulties or if you can send them the tuition. The higher studies tend to have the higher level of difficulty.

Adequate Information:

Teaching Methodology
Teaching Methodology

Before taking any decision makes sure you have gathered and compared all the information regarding the school. For this create a check List. Your checklist should be as below.

  • Distance: How far is the school from your home? Moreover, how much distance you are ready to make your kid travel?
  • Teachers and Staff: You will have to make sure that the teachers are friendly and the staff is co-operative as this is going to impact your child’s physiological development.
  • Teaching Methodology: It is the backbone of any educational institute and parents should ask probing questions during the interaction with the admission council of the school. How would Assessments be done? How much homework is required?
  • Facilities: Don’t be amazed and happy with the infrastructure but also make sure that there is a clean supply of water,  the canteen and eating areas are hygienic, and the toilets are clean.
    Extra-Curricular Activities: Make a note that all time studies makes Jack a dull boy. Enquire about the schedule of games, sports, physical education and other co-curricular activities in the school.
  • Parents and Teachers Communication: An important aspect is that your responsibility is not ending by just admitting your child to a good school; there has to be direct communication between teachers and parents.

All this information has to be gathered from all the schools you are interested and then compare them before you decide.

Pay a Visit to the school:

Pay a Visit to school
Pay a Visit to school

Listening to neighbors, friends, relatives is always helpful but going to school and checking on your own assures you in a better way. Like moving around the corridors and looking at the classrooms, toilets, canteen, library and so forth. Take a tour of computer labs, playground, sports room. Communicate with other parents as well to know the actual reputation of the school.

It is Time for applying:

You can apply to a various number of schools there is no restriction but keep an eye on the submission deadlines. When are interviews going to be held? Moreover, most importantly what paperwork has to be done?

Ultimately it is your call:

it is your call
it is your call

The Last and final call is to be made by you so be careful while making the decision. As to put in a public or private school is a matter of individual choice. Most of the govt (public) school has a bad reputation, but that is the case with many private schools as well. The most important thing to remember is the scenario is not the same as it was during your schooling time.

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