How to Quit Drinking Alcohol Entirely?

stop drinking alcohol
Quit Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol provides ecstasy. It also offers severe physical ailments for free. Alcohol drinking puts your health at high risk damaging your body.

A significant amount of death is due to the consumption of Alcohol. Drinking Alcohol is more of an addiction than a mere hobby. People who want to come out of the habit are growing in numbers.

While some may want to get rid of the habit for health reasons, others may want to do the same for religious reasons. Some leave the pattern due to severe physical ailments like liver-related ones.

Others decide to quit drinking due to the reaction of Alcohol with medications. Whatever the reason one has to try to get rid of drinking and we provide some tips to stop drinking.

Quit Drinking Alcohol may be easier to say than to do. So you must know what happens when you stop drinking alcohol. The habit of Alcohol must stop gradually, and the following tips will help you to do so.

Decide and then let others know your decision:

When deciding to quit drinking Alcohol, the first step is to announce the decision to others. It is always better to discuss your plans with your close ones. So they are aware that you are taking genuine efforts to get rid of this unwanted habit.

  • It will make them appreciate your intention which will motivate you to stop Alcohol.
  • The primary benefit is that it will earn their co-operation. Also, it will ease out your efforts to come out of this addiction quicker than anticipated.
  • Keep all those who felt sorry for you for your habit informed. Make your pears help you and do all the things required to pull you out of the clutches of the demon named Alcohol.

Do not get tempted:

Not getting tempted to drink is the next logical step to take after informing your close ones.

  • Make a list of situations or gatherings when you usually drink. Understand the frequency at which you drink.
  • Avoid going to such places where you usually drink. If you have the habit of drinking after a meal, opt to go to restaurants that do not serve drinks.
  • If the weekend is the usual period, you join your friends and drink alcohol. Then plan for weekend trips with your family and non-drinking friends.
  • If you visit a place where they server drinks then opt out saying you need to drive back. When you feel like drinking, search for another activity without the temptation.
  • Identifying the triggers that make you drink. It is an essential part, and once you learn such factors, the path is almost half covered.

Give up Alcohol drinking in a gradual manner:

Now that have decided to quit drinking alcohol, avoid rushing the decision. Rushing it may result in severe withdrawal symptoms which may be another kind of torture.

  • Reduce your drinking when you plan to quit drinking alcohol.
  • Understand the drinking frequency levels and work towards lessening the same.
  • Another way to stop drinking alcohol is to drink in smaller quantities. Reducing alcohol consumption helps you manage the idea more.
  • Announce a certain number of days of the week as ‘No-Alcohol’ day. And increase the number of such days as time passes by and as you can manage with Alcohol.
  • Go in for some Alcohol consumption tracking software. It will track your alcohol consumption including the calories levels and money spent. It will give you an idea of the habit you are stuck. A revelation of the complete facts will make you give up the pattern with increased grit.

Appreciate and reward yourself:

The final step in giving up Alcohol is to appreciate yourself for the efforts you are taking. Treat yourself to a new set of clothes or those things you have been yearning to buy for a long time. Motivate your self to move further towards your goal to quit drinking Alcohol.

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