How to choose the best boarding school?

How to chose Boarding schools
How to chose Boarding schools

While you are looking for the perfect boarding school in the want to give your child the best possible education, there is a lot of things that you need to be aware of. Tiny details have to be looked into when you choose the best Boarding School for your child.

As parents, we are all today looking for the best education for our children. The biggest challenge we face is while selecting a boarding school, especially making a choice among top boarding school. There are particular concerns we have to attend to in the process, to arrive at any decision.

Question yourself:

Is your child the perfect age to adjust to a boarding?
When you talk of the perfect age, some children adapt quickly, and then there is a whole lot of chaos following a few. So it depends on how the child accepts the change. Experts have to say that after the age of 9 years, children are old enough to go to boarding.

Have you prepared your child to attend a boarding school?
Every child is attached to parents and grandparents. Especially in Indian households, there is a lot of pampering that takes place. So to make your child comfortable with the thought of a boarding school, start training the child, teach him/her to be independent. Let them be comfortable without you around.

Does he/ she accept the concept of staying away from home?
Try to find out how your child accommodated the thought of staying away from home. Trying enrolling the child into day boarding for a time comfortable enough for them to consider places away from home to be safe to stay.

Are you doing justice to your child while focusing on the education part?
Now, when you stalk of doing justice, we all want our children to do best on academic fronts. But, every child is different. If a child does not accept staying away from home and is unhappy with the process for a determined time, it is well enough for withdrawal from boarding.

Choose the Best Boarding School:

When you think of sending your little one away for a better future, it is essential for you to conduct thorough research about all your available choices. Nowadays, there is a lot of information on the internet. Then also, these schools have their sites, wherein, you can have a look at their functioning, principles, take an online tour of the school, and check the testimonials and reviews of the school. Shall this not satisfy you, try to find someone you know who has a child studying in the same boarding and ask for their opinion on the boarding school and the child’s growth.

Shortlisting the schools, you like:

Shortlisting the schools
Shortlisting the schools

Once you think you have done enough research on schools, Start shortlisting the ones you would be more interested in. Consider the reputation of the school to be of utter importance. It is in the best interest of your child. Shortlist schools on the basis:

  • Academic growth
  • Extracurricular growth
  • Child safety rules followed by the school
  • Evidence of the measures taken by the school towards child
  • development and discipline.
  • Distance from your hometown
  • Status of the school (When you say status, not regarding discrimination, but in the best interest of your child. To provide them good surroundings)

Taking a tour of the school:

When you decide with your shortlisted schools, take time to visit each of the shortlisted schools. Look for yourself, if the school is all that it promises to be. If it is the best-suited environment for your child.

Prioritising your child’s comfort:

Take your child along, when you visit these places, see how comfortable they feel to be in the place if they like the feeling of being there, the kind of people they meet. Even if they love the weather. Not necessary to ultimately listen to the child. But give them a choice. Talk to them about it. The child will be more comfortable to know that their decision is considered.

Enquire about the admission time:

After coming to terms with your child’s needs along with yours. When you finally arrive at a decision, enquire about the admission process, and get the forms. Every school has different timelines for admission. Which shall be mentioned on the website. However, the best time to go through the admission process is the beginning of the academic year. So, plan accordingly, and have enough time in hand.

Pay the fees and confirm your child’s seat:

Soon after you have arrived at a good decision, do not hesitate to pay the fees and confirm your child’s admission. Like a lot of times, there is this separation anxiety which takes over and you back out from your decision, thus making a wrong choice for a bright future.

According to a research done by India today, the list of boarding schools is classified by school performances. There are various things considered before grading the schools. You can find the list of Best Boarding Schools in India and chose the one which is best for your child.

Good luck with your child’s future.

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