How to Become a Financial Advisor? 5 Important Tips.

Become a Financial Adviser
Become a Financial Adviser

Success can be attributed to many factors and can concern any aspect of life. Success and Finance go hand in hand. People who advocate financial ideas and advice are neither the richest ones in the world nor do they create a sea of wealth. However, they are considered as successful financial advisors for the reason that they know what to do with money and how to build money. You too can become a Financial Advisor that loves what he does and gets paid for helping others safeguard their pennies and pounds.

Being a financial advisor does not mean that the job is easily done since the money involved is that of others. Other’s money makes it more complicated to come out with appropriate recommendations. Financial Planning encompasses an all-around aspect of one’s life, and so a good financial planner needs to focus on all the nitty-gritty of his clients’ lives. Let us have a look at how to become a financial advisor and march the way towards success.

Be prompt in all your actions

Life is nothing but peaceful co-existence. Apply this logic to your profession too if you want to become a successful Financial Advisor.

  • In the case of new clients who need your advice, get in touch with them immediately.
  • In the case of existing clients, treat them with the same respect as you treated them when you first met them.
  • Do not see clients as a commercial business vendor. Look at them as your Brand ambassadors, and treat them right every time in every mode.
  • Ensure you return all the calls promptly at least with a message even when you are busy.
  • Reply to emails as soon as you get a solution worked out and genuinely work out solutions for your clients in a quick manner.
  • Ensure you provide the right kind of a solution to your client’s needs.

Grab the attention first

Any business needs to grab attention, so must you when you follow the path on how to be a successful Financial Advisor.

  • If you are a beginner and have made up your mind to become a Financial Advisor, start making cold calls after deciding on the target list of people which you may collect through various sources.
  • Initially, you may get bogged down with the most response. Don’t give up. Cold calls help a lot when you call the right set of people.
  • Investments are seasonal and depend on various factors for every individual. So when a person does not want to invest when you make your first call, don’t delete his name but call back with regular intervals.
  • Expand your network through your acquaintances, and this will give you a massive database for you to tap on.

Persist. Don’t push

You may be a Financial Advisor, and your job may be to give advice related to finance to others. But it is ultimately them who are supposed to implement these recommendations.

  • Give people the time to think.
  • Do not push hard while you persist in a gentle manner.
  • Pushing too hard may spoil the complete effort, and people may start avoiding you.
  • Be ready with alternative plans if in case your clients want to have a choice to choose from.

Learn to listen

Most of the times, we tend to share all that we know making it difficult for people to accept us as their Financial Advisor.

  • Remember, your client is not sitting in front of you to understand how knowledgeable you are.
  • They are there with an issue related to their finances seeking your help to find out an appropriate solution.
  • Learn to listen to them first. Talk less till they have spoken everything that they wanted to communicate to you.
  • Probably some information they share with you may not even be relevant to the context. Use such data to assess the client’s psychology and approach. But, listen to them first.

Be a good Teacher

Educating others is not an easy job. Practice being a passionate teacher.

  • Understand that most of the clients are not interested in the formulas you use for calculating. They just want their money to save them for the rest of their lives.
  • Give them choices informing them about the pros and cons of each option.
  • Let them take the final call understanding the advantages and risks in each of choice.


With all said and done, don’t work with what will be a typical financial advisor salary. Work passionately and if possible, become a certified financial planner. Out tips will automatically make you a successful Financial Advisor.

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